The Grobuff Story

My first experience with a pre-workout supplement was absolutely miserable.

“I decided to try a pre-workout energy drink . . . My heart started racing, my hands were visibly jittery and I had to completely abandon any hope of completing a workout.”


Perhaps, you’ve felt the same.

His heart started racing and his hands visibly shook. The distraction was so bad, he never made that workout happen that day.

And with all the stimulants in pre-workout supplements at the time, he knew if he was going to find a pre-workout supplement that worked, he would have to create one himself.

With a Doctorate of Chinese Medicine and years of dedicated experience in law enforcement as a rescue diver, firefighter, and SWAT operator, Joe knew whatever he developed would have to enhance his workouts without distraction while helping him focus. And so he began the process.

As the guinea pig, Joe started with a base of 6 ingredients and he made sure to keep high amounts of stimulants out. After years of trial and error, Joe was finally where he wanted to be with his own goals while using his new supplement.

Initially named, “Engine Joe’s Fire Water,” GroBuff begin selling as more and more people discovered the difference it made for Joe.

Today, more and more people are discovering the difference it makes for their workouts, but that’s not all. Because the formula is heavily based on boosting nitric oxide production, GroBuff is being utilized to support testosterone production, supports pain relief, support healthy blood flow, drastically reduces cholesterol levels, and more.

GroBuff works so effectively because it is so much more than what is available today. GroBuff features key vasodilators, just 100mg of caffeine, amino acids, BCAAs, and creatine. It’s unlike anything on the market today and that’s why it’s so effective.

If you’re ready to discover the GroBuff difference, you can order today!

Joe started his journey at age 42 and knew he needed help to reach his goals. After other supplements failed to deliver, he developed GroBuff.

Just 100MG of Caffeine per Serving

With a desire to avoid the crash of heavy stimulants, Joe developed GroBuff Pre-Workout with a third of the caffeine you find in many pre-workout powders today. Yet, you feel more energized throughout your workout and never feel worn out when you’re done.


You’re not getting too little of the most effective ingredients or too much of anything else with GroBuff. Joe developed GroBuff with the right dosing to maximize your workouts better than with any other pre-workout powder.