GroBuff is a fast-acting formula and should be used right before a workout. To use, mix one (1) scoop in 8 oz. of water or less until dissolved. Take immediately before your workout for the best results.
NOTICE: A red burning skin sensation is a normal response to the niacin. “Flushing” is brief, harmless, and enhances your metabolism.

While the results lend themselves to those who workout everyday, GroBuff can be used by anyone. The ingredients in GroBuff are safe and this formula tastes great. Whether you’re looking to get more out of your early-morning or afternoon workouts, or you need more energy for Zumba class, or you want help losing weight, GroBuff is for you. Users in all walks of life have fallen in love with the feeling they get with GroBuff and the results. If you’re living a life that’s active or one that takes all your energy, GroBuff is for you.

What you’re experiencing is normal and doesn’t last long. This feeling is the result of vasodilators opening the blood vessels and enabling more blood and nutrients to reach your muscles

As potent as GroBuff is, some have accused us of adding more than just the ingredients on the label. However, GroBuff is safe for use and does not add any restricted ingredients banned by the NCAA, World-Doping Code, or the FDA. GroBuff is safe combination of potent ingredients and is a patent-pending formula that maximizes every workout.

GroBuff can be used continually without cycling on and off. This formula was developed to be used with every workout.

GroBuff is a clean formula with ingredients that ignite the metabolism and dramatically boost energy levels. Most users notice a tingling, itchy feeling with use while they flush red as a result of key vasodilators. These side effects are not harmful and help you power through workouts with more energy than other high stimulant pre-workout supplements.

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