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How it all began…

For 26 years I have strictly resisted stimulants of any kind. This started while looking for an edge in a competition for a high School “Ironman”. I really wanted to win it, and had been taught that caffeinated drinks were harmful.  I won the competition and religiously abstained from stimulants from that day forth. As I have gotten older, I have found the struggle for energy more and more difficult. I guess it was a bit of a mid-life crisis. I couldn’t remember ever having six-pack abs, and I had grown farther and farther from it. In August of 2012 it was announced that caffeine, as an ingredient, is not specifically mentioned as a prohibition of my faith. So at the ripe old age of 42 years old, I decided that if I wanted to reach my goal of having a 6 pack, the dieting and workout regimen would need some supplemental energy.


I decided to try a Pre-workout energy drink. At the time I was roughly 215 lbs, so one scoop was grossly inadequate for my size, and yet it jacked me up… My heart started racing, my hands were visibly jittery and I had to completely abandon any hope of completing a workout. It was clear; I was a stimulant lightweight. It was frustrating because all of the products that had these new “Miracle” ingredients, were built on the backbone of stimulants…

Necessity being the mother of invention, and unwilling to accept defeat, I found a lab where I could buy high quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients to build my own energy drink without using stimulants. Having completed a 4 year Post Graduate Chinese Medicine program, and drawing from my one clinical research and design class, I dove into the research regarding ingredients and dosing. I also started researching which ingredients to include. I found that dosing was CRUCIAL, not merely mg/Kg, but to achieve desired affects. If no results were seen within those 30 days, that ingredient was eliminated from the blend.


Using myself as a guinea pig meant facing a risk. Being the Father of 6 children meant that we were finished building our family. This reduced the risk of mutating my children and meant that if I started glowing in the dark, I had no one to blame, but myself.

All Pre-workouts, currently on the market, are heavy on stimulants, Caffeine being the main one. There were obvious desired results I was looking for in a Pre-workout supplement. I started with about 6 ingredients that seemed to be ideal for performance enhancement, and built it from there. Unlike other Pre-workouts, I had to overcome the fact that I wouldn’t be building it on stimulants.

Besides providing an artificial feeling of energy, stimulants speed up the heart, which increases the blood pressure, moving the blood to the extremities thereby circulating the pre-workout through the bloodstream.


(Ironically, stimulants tend to be vasoconstrictors, which narrow the blood vessels and restricting the flow to the extremities. The most important Pre-workout ingredients are Nitric Oxide boosters [vasodilators] that widen the circumference of the blood vessels and effectively deliver the nutrients to farthest recesses of the muscles. Caffeine neutralizes the effects of NO boosters)

I needed a delivery system that would replace Caffeine. I drew from my Chinese Medical background to a principle called, “A Medicine Horse”. I found an ingredient that targeted the desired tissue: Muscle. The solution I found was better than I could have ever expected. It changed my whole approach to the formula.

In October of 2014 I achieved that goal with a body fat percentage in the single digits.

5% body fat with calipers

So what kind of person uses himself as a human Guinea Pig? The only paper I have ever had published was in an online saltwater reef magazine,“sulfur denitrator’s: increasing your saltwater tanks biomass while increasing soluble calcium for coral growth”…

In 2003 I graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine as a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine (Where I learned that I absolutely love Biochemistry, and clinical research and design). I had worked as a Rescue Diver for the San Diego Sheriff’s Department for 4 years, and a Firefighter Paramedic for two years for Sandy city Fire Department. I am currently a SWAT operator for the Utah County Sheriff’s Department. I am a member of Mensa, Top One Percent, Intertel, and a subscriber to the cerebrals.

The results were spectacular, I began to get a lot of attention for my physical transformation.


 Sadly the transformation seemed too good to be true, so I began to be accused of using Steroids. At first I thought it was a twisted attempt at flattery, until I realized that many of my critics were serious. Two of my friends asked for samples, and it exploded from there.

They very seriously threw money at me to make some for them. I initially resisted because I didn’t have enough for myself, little own, enough for them. This did not work because they seemed to tell everyone. I was bombarded with requests for what jokingly began to be called, “Engine Joe’s fire water”, and “Powdered Joe”

Before giving anymore out, I went back to the research, specifically looking for the possibility of negative effects. That is where I found that there were strong positive results that I had never intended, nor realized. Increased fat burning, 6X increase in Testosterone production, increased growth hormone production, delayed lactic acid build up, pain suppression, mood enhancing, increased lean muscle growth, lowering of bad cholesterol, raising good cholesterol, reduced risk of stroke, and strangely enough, in some cases enhanced blood flow to the penis… The product began to have a cult following. The majority of those who end up using it, refuse to use anything else because it is so much better than anything on the market. Without any advertising, or marketing of any kind I began to have more and more new users all by word of mouth alone. I quickly realized that what I had created was easily stronger than anything on the market.


Since 2014 I have put on roughly 20+ pounds of lean mass, and sit consistently at less than 10% body fat.