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Brigham Russell

Nearly two years ago I met Joe, the proprietor of Grobuff at the gym. We got talking after I commented to him about how ripped he was. A few months later I learned about Grobuff, and how he had combined the secrets of Chinese medicine with Western nutritional science. I was quick to take a sample that he offered me. I have been taking Grobuff now for nearly two years. I find that I get a far better workout when I take it, than when I don't. I have more endurance to do more sets and repetitions. My muscles used to be sore after workouts, but that is a thing of the past. Although this is not the stated purpose of Grobuff, I also use it at work sometimes when I need an energy boost. I like it far better than caffeinated drinks because I don't get jittery, and am able to focus better.


Adam Hickman

Awesome stuff. Definitely different (in a good way) than any other pre-work out that I've tried.


Chris Westcott

On tub #3. Flavor is good. I mix one scoop with 8-10 ounces of water. I feel that I get deeper into my workouts than I have with other products. Onset is usually 10-15 minutes after drinking. Plan on buying tub #4.


Truman Mylin

By far the best pre-workout stack i've ever taken. Never going back to anything else. 10/10


Braydon Barrett

The ONLY preworkout that I'll ever take. It's the only preworkout that not only lasts my long sessions, but also gets me through my competitions (which can last up to 6 hours)
I've been on this stuff since the "test tube" days, and I've been a HUGE fan of it ever since.
Highly recommend it.
Warning: not meant for the "bros" looking for a supp that tastes good and makes you feel happy. Go get an energy drink for that. This stuff gets you RESULTS.


James Stone

I am changing to a more healthy lifestyle and lost 30 pounds in the last 10 weeks and Grobuff really provides a catalyst for energy like none I've felt before without the big drop from carbs or caffeine.


Ray Ormond

I've been using GROBUFF for awhile now and love it. I've got a slight caffeine sensitivity and other preworkouts give me the jitters and other issues. I don't have any issues with Grobuff. I'm able to push harder and get more out of my time/efforts. I'm rarely sore even after the hardest workouts. I live for the flush. Get it, live it, and love it.


Cody Eugene Till

Screw C4 and every other popular pre-workout. Go Grobuff.
In essence: Other pre's are a hand out, Grobuff is a hand UP.
Grobuff doesn't fill you with fillers and caffeine to give you a "buzz", giving you the illusion that you're getting more focused and ready. It optimizes the natural energy systems that you already have in your body, which in turn teaches your body to lift without relying on nasty, cheap chemicals.
Sure, Grobuff is expensive, but if you're serious about your training, you'll buy it. It's worth every scoop.
Plus being all red and blushed is pretty bada$$. ;)
Go Grobuff.


Juliann Jeppsen

Amazing pre-workout! I have so much more energy and stamina. I also just started using it for post-workout right before I was out the door to work...keeps me alert on the freeway and feeling GREAT!