Why do I feel like I am on fire?

This is not a bad thing. You are experiencing the real deal. Don’t panic, it doesn’t last long. Sadly. This is a feeling you will come to crave, because you know the FIRE is on, and you are about to have the best workout of your life! You are burning fat like never before. If you are about to throw your heart and soul into the weights, look out! Here comes the BOOM! Your muscles are being bathed in growth serum, and they will thank you for it!

Where did the pain go?

We have found a revolutionary approach to treating chronic pain from old injuries, and joint paint. This is not an approach to pain that you are accustomed to. We have not masked it or covered it up, but are washing the painful area in soothing nutrients and working to heal the injury from the inside out. This does not mean that you are invincible. If you ever feel SHARP pain at any point in your workout STOP immediately. The dull achey pain that comes from muscular growth is normal, we don’t want to turn off the bodies natural alarm system. We just want to take away the obstacles that are getting in your way of sculpting a healthy happy body image.

I am a professional Athlete, is there anything in this I am going to get in trouble for?

This performance enhancing supplement is so strong, we have been accused of adding illegal substances to it, but we promise, we have not. We have collegiate athletes and professional athletes using it without any restrictions. NCAA rules, World Anti-Doping Code (Olympic standard) and FDA compliance have been carefully researched and followed. We have just found a unique combination of everyday substances that works. This is why we needed the patent on our revolutionary approach before bringing this to market. Rest easy in knowing that your new workout stack is the real deal. Unlike other products that have used short cuts and pushed the boundaries of safe, NOTHING is worth harming our clients. In fact we have erred on the side of caution, and built something that has more positive health benefits than you could imagine. Did you know that we have ingredients that have been found to reduce your levels of bad cholesterol while raising the levels of good cholesterol, or reduce your chances of stroke, and make your heart pump more efficiently? This is a relationship we don’t ever want to end. We hope that as time goes on you will see that we have created your last energy booster, fat burner, and muscle developer. Your success is our success, we are partners in this!

Do I need to cycle off of this?

negative health affects. There are ingredients that tend to deplete important vitamins and minerals, but I built this for me, and don’t ever want to work out without using this. I found the vitamins and minerals that tend to be depleted, and added them in! This is important for two different reasons, First off, if it needs more of a vitamin or mineral to work effectively we want your body to have it available to ensure the effects last as long as we can. Secondly, health is all about balance; We know you have ambitious goals, so we want to ensure your health to achieve those goals. The bodybuilding industry is sadly familiar with devastating examples of athletes who took short cuts and physically paid a horrible price. Grobuff FIRE is with you for the long haul, were not just creating a product to sell, we have been personally using it for the past two years!

Is this OK to double scoop?

NO. We would love to reach out to Brian Shaw (The worlds strongest man) and have him advertise for us. He weights 400+lbs, and he is the only person who should ever double scoop. We could cut our dose in half and do as other companies do, all in the name of profits, but we don’t do that for ourselves, and we are not going to do it for you.

How can less of an ingredient be any better? 

More is not always better. As a former Firefighter / Paramedic, we had a drug in our drugbox called “Atropine”. If you have ever been to an eye doctor and they dilated your eyes to get a better look (You know, the black part of your eye became as large as your entire face, and you got to wear the sexy Gramma glasses home?!?) You have experienced the same Atropine I am talking about. Anyway, Atropine, besides dilating your eyes, and depending on the dose given, will help increase your heart rate if it’s going too slow, and counter the negative effects from Organophosphate poisoning. These three situations are wildly different, and yet the solution is the same. ATROPINE. We have carefully tested not only the ingredients, but the dosing of each individual ingredient to achieve the desired effects. Some ingredients work so well with other ingredients they actually have a synergistic effect (Think of one plus one equals 20). We are fully aware that anything that has the ability to heal, has the ability to harm, so we don’t simply throw a large amount of an ingredient in to impress the label readers, we are specifically looking for the best effect for you to use in a single scoop.

What is the story behind Grobuff?