3 Scientific rules that help you Burn Fat

Your secret to successfully removing that stubborn fat can be accomplished in 3 fool proof steps that science has proven to work.

When counseling a client about diet, I want to make sure they understand these three rules before we do any modification to their behavior. Any attempt at removing fat that does not incorporate any or all of these, is destined to fail. 

Successfully applying these three rules is very rewarding and allows you to progress to using more advanced techniques you may be unwilling to use right now.

The first rule

Physiologically, exercise must be included with any weight loss plan. Exercise does far more than most people think to accomplish your weight loss goals.

Exercise of course increases your ability to burn calories, but what most don’t realize; it increases your metabolism, which increases the number of calories a day that you need just to survive.

By combining the calorie consumption with raising your needed calories per day, it attacks the goal from two angles, which increases your chances of success, which breeds more success!

The Second rule

Be patient. Resist the temptation to use aggressive weight loss methods, even if they promise “quick” weight loss.

I always tell people, “Where do you want to be in one year? One year is going to happen one way or another, so where do you see yourself in one year?”

No matter how aggressive your goals are, one year gives you time to see the success you want. Success breeds success, and large goals include set backs. Allow yourself to have bad days. One meal will not make you fatter, anymore than one meal will make you skinnier.

More times than not, you will achieve your goal in less time than that year, which is motivating on its own.

The Third rule

Do not demonize food. Guilt will only get you so far, and when it comes to body image issues, it wont get you far enough. You are going to have to learn to love this process.

Food is so much more than just nourishment. It is intertwined with Friends, Family, and culture. This is the biggest reason why some weight loss methods and diets work for others, but not for you. You eat the foods that you do because it has worked to keep your family alive long enough to get you here. I have lost weight eating two pounds of bacon a week, and it was not a low carb diet! This will not work for everyone.

I guarantee you will find healthy options that fit your style of eating that you will replace your existing habits because you want to. Give yourself time to find these new foods and recipes, because they are gems! Learn to enjoy this process, and this new lifestyle will stick.

By applying these rules to the decisions you make will keep you on track, and see you to the end destination. I think that everyone NEEDS to experience this type of success at least once in their lifetime. We all have body image issues! When I got down to single digit body fat percentage, I couldn’t be alone with anyone without them confessing their guilty eating pleasures to me! I had never realized how much this is a common human condition.