The unique Biotechnology that makes Grobuff fire so much better than anything else on the market, is not the fact that any one ingredient is in it, but the effect of combinations of those ingredients and the precise dosing.

This special formula dosing (a single scoop) is designed to be ideal for someone in the 220lb – 260lb weight range. Most other pre-workouts would require a double or even triple scoop for those in that weight range.

Ingredients explained:

· Agmatine Sulfate – The dosing we have found optimal, is well above the industry standard. This is the master of, “The Pump”. Be ready to have the best muscle pump of your life! It plays a crucial role for encouraging the bodies natural L-Arganine. This is crucial because L-arganine taken orally is not effective in making it to the muscles, when the best benefits are seen. Interestingly enough, it is also extremely effective in treating pain and drug addiction. It does this by protecting the brain from toxins. Agmatine even protects from strokes and benefits mental health. The formula is so much more than just the individual attributes that Agmatine has, the compound created when Agmatine is combined with Citrulline greatly enhances the properties of both.

· Beta Alanine (CarnoSyn) – We only use the highest quality American made ingredients to ensure your safety. Beta Alanine is a miracle ingredient for performance enhancing that you will find in all pre-workouts that matter. “Beta-alanine has been shown to enhance muscular endurance. Many people report being able to perform one or two additional reps in the gym when training in sets of 8–15 repetitions. Beta-alanine supplementation can also improve moderate- to high-intensity cardiovascular exercise performance, like rowing or sprinting. When beta-alanine is ingested, it turns into the molecule carnosine, which acts as an acid buffer in the body. Carnosine is stored in cells and released in response to drops in pH. Increased stores of carnosine can protect against diet-induced drops in pH (which might occur from ketone production in ketosis, for example), as well as offer protection from exercise-induced lactic acid production. Large doses of beta-alanine may cause a tingling feeling called “paresthesia”. It is a harmless side effect.” This is a major reason why we say, “Grobuff gets rid of the three pains associated with working out!” Beta Alanine enhances your ability to push your body; forcing it to burn more fat and build more muscle!

· Caffeine – We use the lowest dose possible. 100mg is safe for pregnant/lactating mothers, so we built this magical formula with that amount. Until now the pre-workout industry taught us that, “Stimulants are not only necessary for energy in a pre-workout, but the more the merrier”. This is not only a lie, but it is a dangerous belief that we believe will lead to tighter regulation in the supplement industry; but more importantly extensive harm from long-term use. The days of crashing after a workout are over. We guarantee longer workouts with better pump, but most of all, you now can do it safely.

· Branched Chain Amino Acids (2:1:1) – You would normally have to supplement BCAA’s separate from your pre-workout, but we have included them to help keep you performing at your peak, throughout your workout. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) refers to three amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine.. New research has confirmed that higher doses of Leucine have a MASSIVE effect on muscle growth. There are more watered down forms of BCAA’s, but we have gone with the most potent and powerful form because there is no substitute for the best.

· Creatine – This isn’t your Grandpa’s creatine, this is your ticket to ENERGY! Most people know of the cell volumization affect of creatine, and this is the same creatine, but by changing the dosing, we are accessing its ability to speed up your body’s natural production of ENERGY, known as “ATP”. This is cutting edge biotechnology that isn’t recognized in open source research, but is well documented in the patenting process. CAUTION this will increase your blood creatinine levels; which is easily resolved in healthy individuals, but is a risk for individuals with kidney disease. Please seek your doctors advice regarding your kidney health prior to taking if you have any sort of health condition that involves weak kidneys.

· Citrulline – This is not the watered down form (Citrulline Malate) this is full potency Citrulline. The benefits of Citrulline are well documented, but it is also the easiest to be tricked by. Other products will make you think you are getting more by using 50% Citrulline, and 50% Malate (filler) which is called “Citrulline Malate” . Citrulline is a GREAT pump product that when combined with Agmatine Sulfate puts every single workout through the roof!

· Highly Branched Chain Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin) – This is the fuel source that allows you to extend your workout to unbelievable lengths. There is a delicate balance to producing energy without causing a crash. Stimulants are harmful and ultimately can have a negative effect if not careful. This is how we differ from the traditional Stimulant based pre-workout. Even though we are not forcing the body to unnatural levels the way stimulants do, we have to be careful to not cause fatigue in a different way. The complex compound found in this, allows a slow release of only the amount needed to keep you at maximum energy levels.

· Vitamin B3 (Niacin/nicotinic acid/NAD+) – The first thing you will notice about our product, is how fast it starts working. The “Flushing” (Intense burn) you feel, is cleansing the toxins at the cellular level, but it just dragged the entire formula with it to your muscles! What you won’t notice is how it is reducing your chances for stroke, and heart disease, while lowering triglyceride’s and cholesterol. This is the ultimate “Limitless” drug out there. Nootropics are a category of ingredients that attempt to enhance your mental function. This is more powerful than any Nootropic out there. Pay attention to how every time you walk out of the gym, you will have a strong peaceful feeling. This is above and beyond the endorphin’s you feel from working out. Welcome to your new healthy addiction.

· Sugar Free?!? – Sucralose is made from sugar, tastes just like sugar, but does not spike your insulin. This is crucial to your growth. Bodybuilders use insulin to drive nutrients to the muscles. Insulin spikes cause fatigue, so that is the last thing you want in a pre-workout. (For optimal growth use insulin spikes after working out).

· Beet Juice?!? – Even our coloring is all natural

· True Lime© Watermelon/Lime Flavoring – We have partnered with the True Citrus company to provide the flavoring for our products. Why re-invent the wheel, when the Flavoring has already been perfected? We love the fact that they use no artificial flavors, have no preservatives, are non-GMO, and low calorie.